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10 Things You Forget When Packing for OCMD

When we asked our Instagram followers “When do you usually pack for your OCMD trip?” the results were SURPRISING.

Nearly 40% of polled users don’t pack until the night before leaving for vacation!! With last-minute suitcase-ing and beach time on the mind, we’ve created a fool-proof list of the top 10 items that OCMD vacationers forget to pack.


10. Old Bay.

Only in Maryland would Old Bay make it to the “must-pack” list. When you’re heading to OC, don’t forget to bring an extra can to top off your fries, Bloody Mary rims, and crab bushels.

Check out Crab Alley and Phillips Crab House while you’re in town!



9. Water bottle.

A tip from every mom that messaged us: “STAY HYDRATED!”

Mom always knows best -- remember to pack your reusable water bottles for the long, hot beach days. They’re more insulated than plastic bottles and they’re better for the environment! Reduce, reuse, and take the pledge to keep our beaches clean by heading over to Litter Free OC.

8. Waterproof bluetooth speaker.

Ah, the dreaded “who packed the speaker” convo… Don’t miss out on your beach day jams! Pack a waterproof bluetooth speaker and build your own sunny day playlist.

Just remember to be respectful with your music volume so that other beachgoers can enjoy their own soundtracks!

7. Extra bag to carry home souvenirs.

Do yourself a favor! Plan ahead by saving suitcase room for souvenirs. Our beach town is full of cool local shops, like K-Coast Surf Shop and Sea Quest to stock up on summer threads and gifts for back home. Plus, with Candy Kitchen shops lining Uptown and Downtown OC, you’re going to need to save space for your haul of homemade fudge.

6. Beach book.

We may be biased, but our followers agree -- Ocean City’s beach is the #1 spot to dive into a new book. Pack some options! Paperback, e-book, Sudoku, crosswords -- all are paired best with toes in the sand and the sound of waves crashing.

Beach Learning 2020-01.jpg


5. Walking shoes.

Three miles of Boardwalk deserves three mile-worthy shoes. Pack a pair of cozy sneakers for your walks down the Boards and trips to Northside Park. If you do forget your sneaks, head over to the Ocean City Outlets -- loaded with shops like Adidas, Famous Footwear, Under Armour and Nike.

4. Beach umbrella.

Beach umbrellas: reportedly the “last item to make it in the trunk.” Make sure to do a final umbrella check before you leave the house, but no worries if you forget! Our beaches are lined with equipment rental services, like 85 ‘N Sunny, for your convenience (and to limit the tons of sand that make it into your car.)

3. Sunglasses.



How can something be so important, yet so easily forgotten?! Stay sunshine-ready with these three expert tips to remember your shades: Put them in your car’s center console the night before. Set a phone reminder. Seriously! Pack an extra pair! Somebody will forget theirs, and the extra shades will come in handy.

And if you still manage to leave them behind, hit up Shade Shack on 66th Street to pick up your new favorite pair.

2. Toothpaste.


In the wise words of one of our followers, “9 times out of 10, you’re going to forget to pack your toothpaste after you brush the morning of.” Instead, have a travel size tube handy that you can pack away beforehand!

And the most forgotten beach trip item? *DRUMROLL PLEASE*






Who forgets sunscreen on a beach trip?! Well...apparently a lot of you. Whether you’re taking a day trip or going for a weeklong getaway, don’t forget to protect your skin! Lucky for you, there are shops up and down Coastal Highway stocked with all levels of SPF protection, aloe, and sunburn relief gels.

So there you have it! Start packing your bags for your next Ocean City getaway. And, most importantly, when you visit this summer, please remember to pack your patience! Our beloved local businesses are experiencing more limited staffing than usual, but know they are doing their absolute best to give you the summer vacation you deserve. See you soon!

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