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73 Fun Things to Do in OCMD

Ocean City, Maryland is an ocean of fun, no matter the time of year. We've compiled a list of 73 fun things to do to get you started.... Read More

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The Next Best Thing to Being in Ocean City, Maryland!

Just enable Ocean City sounds on your Alexa device, and in seconds you’ll be listening to the calming sounds of genuine OCMD waves an... Read More

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Craft Beer Pairs Nicely With Ocean City, Maryland!

​When it comes to craft beer, those who know are coming to OCMD, where an ocean of micro-brewed goodness awaits! ... Read More

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​Weekend Getaway Vacations in Ocean City, MD

Whether you're hitting the links, the water or the shops, Ocean City, Maryland is a short drive away from anywhere between New York and... Read More

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​100 FREE Things to do in Ocean City!

Check out our comprehensive list of the best FREE things to do in OC!... Read More

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You Won't Find a More Romantic Setting

A posh hotel. An intimate bed-and-breakfast. There's only one way to make these romantic getaways even more romantic - add the ocean an... Read More

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Top 10+ Things You Should Do When You Get To OC

See our quick list of the top 10 things to do when you get to OC!... Read More

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While You're in OC, Be Sure to Meet Your Neighbors

While you're here, we invite you to explore the arts, crafts, history and recreational opportunities in our neighboring towns.... Read More

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Don't Miss Out on What OC's Nature has to Offer

There's another side to life around Ocean City, Maryland. It's where wild birds fly, and Assateague Island's famous wild horses run fre... Read More