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Ocean City, MD is an Angler’s Paradise

Are you ready for some angling adventure? Pack your rods and tackle box, because Ocean City, Maryland is the ultimate destination for s... Read More

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Intimate Wedding Inspiration for Your Beach Side Nuptials

Ocean City weddings are the perfect mix of all things bright and beautiful. Vibrant hues, a bayside breeze, and unbeatable beach-style ... Read More

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Enjoy Fall in OCMD by Celebrating 47 Years of Sunfest

Sunfest marks its 47th year by taking advantage of new dates and a modified lineup of attractions to excite loyal customers and new gue... Read More

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Beat the Heat This Summer in OCMD

Whether you are riding waves in the ocean or finding a place with AC, there is no better place to Beat the Heat than Ocean City.... Read More

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Top Spots for Book Lovers in Ocean City, MD

I've hand-selected five of the top local destinations for book lovers so you can satisfy your passion for reading while in Ocean City, ... Read More

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Galentine's Day Vacay: Getaway with Your Gals in OCMD!

Valentine's Day, as if! This year, gather all your gal pals, jump in the car, and drive to Ocean City, Maryland on February 13 for a ce... Read More

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Guide to Planning Your 2022 OCMD Trip

Dreaming of your next vacation? Look no further. Plan your Ocean City getaway today to get one step closer to beachfront sunsets and sa... Read More

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss OCMD's Winterfest

Experience Winterfest of Lights at Northside Park, hosted Nov. 17- Dec 30, Wednesday through Sunday.... Read More

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Escape Reality With These 7 OCMD Moments of Bliss

Hey, you! You may be at home right now, but mentally, let’s take you to your happy place. Sit back, relax, and take a minute to unwin... Read More

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6 Year-Round Group Tours in OCMD

From behind-the-scenes distillery views to guided ghost walks, Ocean City’s year-round tours make our town a prime destination for yo... Read More

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11 OCMD Bucket List Items this Fall

From Assateague camping to our Shore Craft Beer Fest, if you’ve never visited OCMD during autumn, you’re seriously missing out. Che... Read More

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Which OCMD Activity Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Your next Ocean City getaway is written in the stars! From balanced Libras to dreamy Pisces, we’ve matched your zodiac sign with the ... Read More

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Work From Beach: Go Virtual in OCMD

Switch up your office views for a virtual work week in Ocean City, Md. With its convenient central East Coast location and our ongoing ... Read More

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6 Reasons Why OCMD is Your Next Golf Destination

From coastal scenes to rolling greens, championship golfing is only a chip shot away in Ocean City, Md. Check out these 6 reasons why O... Read More

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7 OCMD Souvenirs for Everyone on Your List

Welcome to your guide to souvenir gift-giving in Ocean City, Md.! While you can’t beat the feeling of the sun on your face and the sa... Read More

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10 Things You Forget When Packing for OCMD

When we asked our Instagram followers “When do you usually pack for your OCMD trip?” the results were SURPRISING. Nearly 40% of pol... Read More

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A Local’s Guide to Outdoor Adventure in OCMD

Calling all adventure seekers -- this one’s for you. We chatted with OC locals to get all of the inside tips on fishing, camping, hik... Read More

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8 Rainy Day Activities in OCMD

Escape the rain with a safari trip or undersea adventure at one of Old Pro Golf’s classic indoor mini golf locations, sitting at 68th... Read More

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5 Reasons You Should Road Trip to Ocean City, MD.

If you’ve never visited the shores of Ocean City, MD., you’re missing out. While the reasons to road trip to our beach town are end... Read More

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A Day in OCMD: 3 Itineraries for Everyone

While one day in Ocean City, Md. isn’t nearly long enough to experience all of the charm that this beach town has to offer, it’s mo... Read More

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8 OCMD Date Ideas for All Seasons

Love is in the air all year round at Ocean City, MD. Plan the perfect romantic beach getaway with these eight date ideas for any season... Read More

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8 Reasons Why Ocean City Winters Are Underrated

Salt, Sand & Wifi. Ocean City, MD. brings that summertime, beach town charm all year long! Check out our top 8 reasons why you should b... Read More

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Celebrate Wellness this Winter in OCMD

The best cure for the winter blues is a little bit of vitamin sea. To start off the new year on the right foot, we recommend spending s... Read More

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Spend Thanksgiving 2020 in Ocean City

This is the perfect year to make new holiday traditions with your family. Read our favorite ways to spend Thanksgiving in OC.... Read More

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Best Places to Catch a Sunrise + Sunset in OCMD

One of the best parts of an Ocean City vacation is taking in the beautiful views. Whether it’s watching the waves or taking in a view... Read More

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A Pup-Friendly Guide to OCMD

Every dog deserves a vacation. So pack your pup’s suitcase, because it’s the time of year where they can join you and your family t... Read More

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Fall in Love with Ocean City This Autumn

The sizzling summer heat has faded away leaving warm days and cool breezes. The crowds have died down and dispersed, the water has spen... Read More

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Work & Learn from OCMD

Bring your studies to the shore and relax at night in your happy place. Read on to find out how to work and learn from OCMD this year.... Read More

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Things to Do for Thrill Seekers in OCMD

Between spending afternoons racing along the bay and nights spent riding roller coasters, we’re always feeling adventurous during vac... Read More

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Have A Healthy & Safe Summer in OCMD

Summer is here and I’m excited to once again welcome visitors back to our beautiful beaches and Boardwalk. No doubt we could all use ... Read More

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Fun Things to Do in OCMD While Remaining Physically Distant

While you’re on vacation, relaxing and enjoying your home away from home, it’s important that you feel comfortable and safe. Luckil... Read More

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Supporting Ocean City’s Local Businesses

The Ocean City businesses we all cherish need our love right now. The employees who top your ice cream cone with sprinkles, fill your b... Read More

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Spend Spring Break in OCMD

If your family is looking for a getaway, Ocean City is a great destination for your spring break vacation. Although the weather is mild... Read More

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With beautiful views, delicious food and endless planning options, it’s no wonder Ocean City is the first choice for many couples pla... Read More

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Tips for Your Winter Getaway in Ocean City

Yes – we’re open during the winter season and yes – there’s still so much to do!... Read More

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A Wellness Traveler’s Guide to OCMD

Sometimes, you just need to take time for yourself. Ocean City, MD is a great escape to relax, unwind and reconnect in body and mind. R... Read More

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​Weekend Getaway Vacations in Ocean City, MD

Whether you're hitting the links, the water or the shops, Ocean City, Maryland is a short drive away from anywhere between New York and... Read More

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​100 FREE Things to do in Ocean City!

Check out our comprehensive list of the best FREE things to do in OC!... Read More

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You Won't Find a More Romantic Setting

A posh hotel. An intimate bed-and-breakfast. There's only one way to make these romantic getaways even more romantic - add the ocean an... Read More

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Top 10+ Things You Should Do When You Get To OC

See our quick list of the top 10 things to do when you get to OC!... Read More

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While You're in OC, Be Sure to Meet Your Neighbors

While you're here, we invite you to explore the arts, crafts, history and recreational opportunities in our neighboring towns.... Read More

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Don't Miss Out on What OC's Nature has to Offer

There's another side to life around Ocean City, Maryland. It's where wild birds fly, and Assateague Island's famous wild horses run fre... Read More

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Looking for Adventure? OCMD Has it All!

However you like your sports and adventures, you'll love Ocean City, Maryland.... Read More