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Escape Reality With These 7 OCMD Moments of Bliss

Hey, you! You may be at home right now, but mentally, let’s take you to your happy place. Sit back, relax, and take a minute to unwind with these seven moments of Ocean City bliss.

And come visit us soon! You deserve it.

*For off-season trips, please remember to call our local businesses directly or check online for seasonal hours.

1. Sunset Boat Ride on the Bay.


The sun is setting, creating cotton candy skies over the bay. The salty breeze is running through your hair. Life is good.

Recreate the moment: For all your rental needs on the water, visit Bayside Boat Rental.

2. Bike Riding the Boards.


You’re surrounded by the smell of fresh-cut fries. The gulls are cawing overhead. And a cup of soft serve with rainbow sprinkles is waiting for you.

Recreate the moment: Check out Bike World on the Boardwalk for cycle, tandem bike, and surrey rentals.

3. The Thrill of the Rides.


A bundle of tickets sits in your pocket. Your stomach becomes flooded with butterflies while the coaster creaks up the hill. Suddenly the wind hits your face and a symphony of excited screams fills the air.

Recreate the moment: Get your thrills at Trimper’s Rides on the Boardwalk.

4. The Assateague Ponies Roaming.


You’re bundled up for a picnic on the sands of Assateague. A family of wild ponies emerge from the dunes. Their hooves gently move through the sand, passing by--unbothered, into the sunset.

Recreate the moment: Camp out at our beautiful Assateague Island, just a few miles north of Ocean City, MD.

5. Sunrise on the Beach.


Your bare toes sink into the sand. The sunrise casts a mirror of oranges and purples over the sea. You tug at the sleeves of your cozy long-sleeve while the coastal breeze mists your face.

Recreate the moment: Wake up in OCMD. Head over to our Accommodation Deals page to hand-select your perfect stay.

6. Golfing with Your Buds.


You’re at your happy place. Surrounded by sights of rolling hills, sounds of the sea, and smells of native pines. You’re breaking par on every hole. A round of brews awaits.

Recreate the moment: Grab the clubs for a round at one of our 17 championship coastal courses. Check out Ocean City’s premiere course, Eagle’s Landing.

7. Reeling in a Fresh Catch.


You’re up with the sunrise casting lines. The waves crash softly against the hull. You take a sip of your morning coffee. Suddenly, you feel your line tighten. And it’s time.

Recreate the moment: Set up for a morning on the water. Check out Duncan’s Sport Fishing or Tortuga Fishing!

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