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Family Friendly Hikes Along Maryland’s Coast

Ready for a new adventure? Let Maryland's Coast be your guide! Pack up the walking shoes and get ready for miles of stunning coastline, breathtaking wetlands, calming back bays, and picture-perfect parks. Grab the kids - they're sure to have so much fun that they won't even ask "are we there yet"! Discover these exciting walking trails today.

Experience Worcester County’s Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Take your kids on an adventure they're sure to never forget! Hiking is the perfect way for them to explore nature's wonders - from discovering wildlife and beautiful beaches, wetlands or forests, it can make any family vacation extra special. And that doesn't have to mean breaking a sweat with difficult hikes all the time either; our list of six kid-friendly destinations ensures everyone in your group has fun without having too much huff and puff along the way. So gather up those little explorers, put some snacks in their pockets (just watch out for bird thieves!), break out those walking shoes & let's go see what Mother Nature holds in store – "Are we there yet?"

Northside ParkPhoto Courtesy of Capturing Horizons Photography

Northside Park - Ocean City, MD

Length: Take your pick of three unique walking paths, 1 mile, ¾ mile, and half-mile loop

Get ready to explore and experience nature's beauty at Ocean City's Northside Park, which offers over a mile of scenic trails perfect for those of all ages. Bring the kids along with you, who will love playing on playgrounds or having picnics during your journey around the trail. Plus if anyone in your group is feeling extra active, there are also some outdoor exercise areas as well as sports fields!

Ocean City, MD BoardwalkPhoto courtesy of Chris Stone Photography

Ocean City Boardwalk- Ocean City, MD

Length: 2.5 miles

Take a family-friendly stroll along one of the most beautiful boardwalks in America - Ocean City! Enjoy pleasant ocean breezes, sights and sounds as you make your way from end to end. Clocking 2.5 miles between them, don't forget to take breaks with plenty of benches available throughout the route; all while making memories that will last forever! While there check out ever popular Fishing Pier where love locks decorate each railing, or chill at Inlet enjoying some downtime watching fishing boats sail by like peaceful music against an endless horizon.

Rackliffe House Trail - Berlin, MDRackliffe House Trail - Berlin, MD

Length: 1 mile

Step into the past and explore this hidden gem! The enchanted Rackliffe Trail, located right near the Assateague Island Visitor Center has breathtaking views of Sinepuxent Bay and captivating sights of Assateague Island. It's a perfect little 1-mile tunnel of trees adventure for you to take with family or friends - kids will be delighted by its short but sweet trekking experience. Along your journey you'll find plenty of information along several signs scattered throughout as well as an amazing surprise halfway through: a view to leave you in awe; it’s none other than Rackliffe House - built all the way back in 1740s! So get ready for some fresh air filled with history.

White Horse Park Trail - Ocean Pines, MDWhite Horse Park Trail - Ocean Pines, MD

Length: 1 mile

Ocean Pines has an incredible little trail just waiting to be explored! Experience the tranquility of running or hiking this 1 mile loop route with a soft gravel surface. Take in all the bird-filled sights and sounds as you go - it's likely that few people have ever ventured down these trails before and then finish the afternoon at the playground. While in the community, take some time to explore its myriad of walking trails - you never know what unexpected wonders await!

Paul Leifer Nature Trail - Snow Hill, MDPaul Leifer Nature Trail - Snow Hill, MD

Length: 1 mile

Escape from reality and explore the history of Furnace Town with a hike along Paul Leifer Trail. Located just down the hill beyond its base, this 1-mile loop is an easy option for anyone wanting to take in some fresh air near this hidden museum in Maryland's preserve. Early springtime promises plenty of picturesque moments as crisp breezes blow through budding grasses alongside marked boardwalks over bubbling creeks - it truly feels like you've stepped into another world where miners, molders and more lived centuries ago!

Cyprus Park & Nature Trail - Pocomoke, MDPhoto courtesty of City of Pocomoke

Cyprus Park & Nature Trail - Pocomoke, MD

Length: 1.5 miles

Experience the beauty of Cypress Park's downtown Nature Trail and Stevenson's Pond! From its start at the city dock, it winds around for 1.5 miles - taking you from one extraordinary view to another: think magnificent trees, birds galore and a pier fit for anglers all round. Plus there are interactive stops like exercise stations as well as a 57-foot bridge and 260-foot fishing pier that don't just look stunning but can be enjoyed by everyone since they're wheelchair accessible too. So lace up those shoes or grab your rod; this trail is ready when you are!

Assateague Island National ParkPhoto courtesy of Capturing Horizons Photography

Assateague Island National Park – Berlin, MD

Life of the Forest Trail

Length: ½ mile

Explore the Life of the Forest Trail and be immersed in nature! Stroll through a maritime forest for glimpses at reptiles, amphibians, and woodland birds – then follow it out onto an enchanting boardwalk with breathtaking views of the Sinepuxent Bay and its marshes. The long boardwalk is perfect for birdwatching. A must-see natural wonder that can't help but leave you feeling inspired! *Please note, bicycles and pets are not permitted on the Life of the Forest Trail.

Life of the Marsh Trail

Length: ½ mile

Soak up the incredible beauty of nature's creatures while strolling along the Life of the Marsh Trail! With spectacular views in every direction and a lengthy wooden boardwalk, you won't want to miss out on this half-mile adventure. From majestic herons and egrets dotting the sky to terrapins, otters and foxes - if you keep your eyes peeled there could be plenty more wildlife surprises just waiting for discovery. Don’t forget that it makes an ideal spot for session end romantics with stunning sunsets providing dreamy backdrops – live life like never before at Sinepuxent Bay! *Please note, bicycles and pets are not permitted on the Life of the Marsh Trail.

Life of the Dunes Trail

Length: ¾ mile

Venture beyond the South Beach parking lot and discover an incredible ¾ mile walking trail, replete with sand dunes, shrub thickets and remnants of Baltimore Boulevard. Be inspired by this untouched nature - a reminder that Mother Nature can still have her way despite human ambition! This hiking experience may be inspiring for some but please note that due to its uneven terrain it is not suitable for those with walking disabilities. *Please note, bicycles and pets are not permitted on The Life of the Dunes Trail.

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