Brimming with echoes of laughter, holiday melodies, and unforgettable festive moments, we're thrilled to announce the much-anticipated winners who brought their creativity, enthusiasm, and holiday magic to the heart of our beloved coastal community. Get ready to relive the joy and excitement as we unveil the champions who made this year's 40th Annual Ocean City Christmas Parade an unforgettable celebration of seasonal splendor. 🎄🌟🎅

2023 School Band Winners

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School bands play a vital role in infusing the spirit of celebration and joy into events like the Ocean City Christmas Parade. As they march down the streets, their vibrant uniforms and harmonious melodies create a captivating performance that resonates with the essence of the holiday season. These young musicians not only demonstrate exceptional musical talent but also embody the dedication and teamwork fostered within school communities. Watching them perform during the Ocean City Christmas parade becomes a cherished tradition, weaving the fabric of togetherness and merriment that defines this festive season.  The school bands add a magical touch, transforming the parade into a symphony of cheerful notes and spirited rhythms that leave a lasting impression on all who witness their performances.

2023 School Band Award Winners

1st Place:  Snow Hill Marching Band

2023 Snow Hill High School Marching Band
2nd Place:  Pocomoke Marching Band

Marching Band
3rd Place:  Stephen Decatur Marching Band

Stephen Decatur High School Marching Band

2023 Top Float Winners

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The floats emerge as vibrant canvases, each stroke of creativity painting a story of unity, spirit, and shared joy. Behind these festive masterpieces, employees come together, infusing their craftsmanship with a collective enthusiasm that defines the essence of our community. These dazzling floats are not merely displays; they are spirited expressions of the company's character, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of togetherness that makes it an integral part of the community. As they glide through the streets, the floats become a living testament to the holiday cheer and camaraderie that bring us all closer during this magical season, leaving a trail of smiles and warmth in their wake.

2023 Top Float Winners

1st Place:  Ocean City Elementary School PTA

Ocean City Elementary School PTA

2nd Place:  Gingerbread Rock by the Harrison Group

Gingerbread Rock by the Harrison Group

3rd Place:  The Bearded Men Society

The Bearded Men Society at the Ocean City Christmas Parade

2023 Marching Unit Winners

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Marching units in a parade hold a special significance, especially during the holiday season, as they embody the spirit of service and community engagement. These dedicated groups, whether ROTC's, scout troops, or community organizations, contribute not only to the visual fun but also play a crucial role in fostering a sense of togetherness. Beyond their rhythmic beats and synchronized movements, marching units symbolize the collective dedication to serving and uplifting the community. Their spirited participation not only adds to the festive atmosphere but also inspires a sense of pride and unity among onlookers. In parades, these marching units become living embodiments of the community's vibrancy, carrying with them the goodwill and holiday cheer that bind us all together in celebration and shared service.

2023 Marching Unit Winners

1st Place: Pocomoke High School JROTC

Pocomoke High School ROTC

2nd Place:  Chincoteague Pony Drill Team

Chincoteague Pony Drill Team

3rd Place:  Snow Hill JROTC

Snow Hill ROTC

2023 Best Vehicle Winners

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Throughout Ocean City's Christmas Parade, vehicles transform into whimsical wonders, from decked-out fire trucks to festive jeeps and motorcycles, even lawnmowers joining the joyful convoy. Each vehicle is more than a mode of transport; it's a spirited expression of community pride and shared passions. As they roll through the streets, bedecked in holiday cheer, these vehicles become mobile celebrations, pulling together people with a common love for their unique rides.

2023 Best Vehicle Winners

1st Place:  OC Local Jeep Society

OC Local Jeep Society at the 2023 Ocean City Christmas Parade

2nd Place: OC Jeep Club

Ocean City Jeep Club at the 2023 Ocean City Christmas Parade

3rd Place:  Hogs & Heros MD Chapter

Hogs And Heros at the 2023 Ocean City, MD Christmas Parade

2023 Coca-Cola Award Winner

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Ocean City Stars at 2023 Ocean City Christmas Parade

Congratulations to the Ocean City Stars, the well-deserved recipients of the Coca-Cola Award for the Christmas parade entry brimming with the most energy and fun! Their dynamic performance and infectious enthusiasm lit up the streets, captivating the audience with a burst of holiday cheer. The Ocean City Stars truly embodied the spirit of the season, creating a festive atmosphere that radiated joy. Join in the celebration and relive their spirited performance with this short clip, at the 2023 Ocean City Christmas parade.

2023 Coca-Cola Award Winner: OC Stars

2023 Mayor's Choice Award Winner

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Jolly Roger Amusements
2023 Ocean City Christmas Parade Mayor's Choice Award Winner - Jolly Roger Amusement Parks

A resounding applause for Jolly Roger Amusements, crowned as the prestigious recipient of the 2023 Ocean City Christmas Parade Mayor's Choice Award! Their entry not only captured the hearts of the crowd but also garnered the personal appreciation of the mayor, standing out as a standout float in a sea of holiday magic. Jolly Roger Amusements' contribution to the parade was undoubtedly extraordinary, radiating joy and enchantment throughout the festivities.