Dive into the heart-pounding side of Ocean City, MD, where the adventures are as endless as the ocean horizon! Sure, the soft sand and gentle waves are great for some, but if you're the type who hears "vacation" and thinks "adventure," then you're in the right place. Ready to swap those flip-flops for something a bit more exhilarating? Let’s dive into the action-packed side of Ocean City that'll make your heart race faster than a seagull after a Thrasher’s french fry!

Sky-High Fun with SkyDive OC

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SkyDive OC Photo courtesy of SkyDive OC
Taking the leap over Ocean City, MD – where the sky's the limit and the view is as breathtaking as the free fall.

Take the Plunge: Over at West Ocean City, SkyDive OC beckons the brave to take tandem skydiving from bucket list to 'best day ever.' Picture this: you're soaring with the gulls, then suddenly free-falling with breathtaking coastal views rushing up to meet you. It's pure, pulse-pounding exhilaration from takeoff to touchdown.

Safety Spotlight: Rest assured, safety's the top priority with state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned professionals guiding your dive.

Offshore Fishing Charters

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Off-Shore Fishing Fish In OC

Epic Sea Battles Await: Ocean City's marinas are your gateway to the mighty Atlantic where legendary catches await. Imagine wrestling with marlin, outsmarting tuna, or facing down sharks in an oceanic adventure that's anything but ordinary.

Tournament Time: From the casual camaraderie of the Flounder Pounder to the prestigious White Marlin Open, Ocean City's fishing tournaments are a spectacle of skill and spirit. View Tournament Schedule

Pro Tip: Tune into Fish In OC to get the lowdown on Ocean City's hottest fishing spots and secrets. Whether you're charter-bound or steering solo, you're in for a splash.

Soar and Roar: The Slingshot Experience

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Slingshot at Jolly Roger Pier Photo courtesy of Jolly Roger at the Pier Amusements
Zero to sky-high in seconds! Feeling the rush of the Slingshot at Jolly Roger Pier, where every scream is part of the fun.

Gravity Defying: The Slingshot at Jolly Roger at the Pier isn't for the faint-hearted. Strap in and brace yourself as you're launched from 0 to 95 mph in just 1.5 seconds, soaring up to 220 feet in the air. It's a heart-stopping moment of pure adrenaline, offering a bird's-eye view of Ocean City as you hover at the peak. Ready for a gravity-defying experience that's as breathtaking as it is exhilarating?

Jet Ski Journeys

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Wave Riding Thrills: Grab the throttle and make the bay your playground from spots like Odyssea Watersports and Bayside Boat Rentals. Ocean City lets you slice through the waves, offering a high-speed chase with the horizon.

Safety Spotlight: Don't worry; life jackets and a quick how-to ensure your wave-conquering escapades are all about fun and zero frets.

Ropes Course Escapades

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Sun Outdoors Frontier Town Ropes Course Photo courtesy of Sun Outdoors Frontier Town

Climb and Conquer: 2024 promises the thrill of Nick's Mini Golf's new ropes course, while Sun Outdoors Frontier Town challenges adventurers with its intricate aerial obstacle course. It's about finding your inner daredevil as you navigate through the air.

Parasailing Perspectives

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10 Miles of Beach Delmarva Aerial 360

Serene Heights: Experience the tranquil thrill of parasailing, where the beauty of Ocean City unfolds beneath you in a serene, suspended moment. Opt for a sunset flight for an extra touch of enchantment from places like OC Parasail and Sea Rocket.

Tidal Wave: Ocean City's Coaster Thrill

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High-Speed Thrills: Brace for impact on the Tidal Wave at Trimper Rides, where the thrill of the ride mirrors the power of the ocean's mightiest surges. Your adventure starts with an exhilarating backward climb up a 116.5-foot lift hill, launching you into a heart-pounding sequence of a cobra roll and a vertical loop at a top speed of 47 mph. Experience the rush of gravity-defying loops and twists, only to tackle the entire course again in reverse. Ready to conquer the Tidal Wave and ride the crest of adrenaline?

Paddleboard & Kayak Adventures

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SUP boarding in Ocean City, MD

Tranquil Waters: Glide through the waterways on a SUP or kayak, getting up close with Ocean City's vibrant marine life. For an extra dose of magic, embark on a Night SUP excursion and float under the stars. For those looking to paddle through paradise, Ayers Creek, Bahia Marina, and Coastal Kayak offer a range of rental options to explore Ocean City's serene waterways.

Aerial Tours in Vintage Style

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PLANE RIDES IN OCEAN CITY MD Photo courtesy of Ocean City Plane Rides

Skyward Bound: Take a step back in time with a bi-plane tour, combining the romance of vintage aviation with the thrill of open-cockpit flying over Ocean City's scenic landscapes.

AquaLoop: Splash Mountain's Ultimate Slide

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AquaLoop at Jolly Roger Splash Mountain Photo courtesy of Jolly Roger Splash Mountain

Water-Powered Adrenaline: Dive into the heart of excitement with the AquaLoop at Jolly Roger's Splash Mountain, where a heart-thumping countdown leads to the floor dropping beneath you. This isn't just any water slide—it's a 480-foot semi-transparent tube that whips you around a 360-degree loop at dizzying speeds of up to 37 mph, all within a breathtaking seven seconds. Lauded by Popular Mechanics as the country's best water slide and crowned by the Travel Channel as a top "Summer Thrill," the Aqua Loop is a must-experience for those who dare to take the plunge.

Pro Track: The Ultimate Race

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Pro Track at Grand Prix Amusements Photo courtesy of Grand Prix Amusements

Trackside Thrills: Feel the rush at Grand Prix Amusements' Pro Track! Speed demons, start your engines for a high-octane race at speeds up to 30 mph. With cutting-edge timing, every second counts. Heads up, racers: You must be 16+ and at least 58" tall to take the wheel. Don't forget, ID and a signed waiver are your tickets to the track. Ready to burn rubber and chase the checkered flag?

Assateague Off-Road Adventure

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Off-roading on Assateague Photo courtesy of In Tents Adventures
On the beach of Assateauge Island, you can drive and park your car feet away from the water’s edge

Wilderness Wheels: Gear up for an off-roading escapade at Assateague Island National Seashore. Navigate through untamed trails and sandy dunes, where the thrill of exploration meets the beauty of nature.

Adventure Alert: Ensure your vehicle is beach-ready and adhere to park regulations to protect this unique ecosystem. Are you ready to tread lightly and adventure wildly in the great outdoors?

Ride the Tide

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Learn to surf at the Wave Riding School Photo courtesy of The Wave Riding School
Discover a love of the ocean and a passion for a new sport all in one.

Drop In on a Break: Catch a wave in Ocean City, where the surf welcomes boarders of all stripes. If you're eager to master the waves, check the designated surf beach spots, especially crucial during the lively summer days. Wave Riding School is your go-to, with seasoned instructors for both surfing and bodyboarding, ensuring you make the most of the Atlantic's rhythm, no matter your preferred board.

Axe Throwing & Escape Rooms

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Axe Throwing in Ocean City, MD Photo courtesy of OC Axe Throwing

Test Your Mettle: Unleash your inner warrior with a session of axe throwing at Embers Central, where precision and power collide in a thrilling test of skill. Then, shift gears and challenge your mind in an escape room, where puzzles and mysteries await your solutions in a race against the clock.

Speed Along the Coastline with the Sea Rocket

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Sea Rocket Tours in Ocean City, MD

Coastal Rush: The Sea Rocket promises a unique blend of sightseeing and speed, offering an exhilarating perspective of Ocean City from the water.

High-Octane Gatherings: Rev Up Your Engines

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OC Jeep Week Drive & Disguise

Event-Packed Excitement: Ocean City shifts into high gear with its lineup of motor-themed events. From the rugged trails of Jeep Week and the sandy challenges of Bronco Bash to the roaring engines of Bike Week and the classic rides of Cruising OC, there's an event for every auto enthusiast.

Get Involved: Each event offers its own unique blend of competitions, parades, and showcases. Whether you're behind the wheel or cheering from the sidelines, the energy is infectious. Ready to join the convoy and celebrate the spirit of adventure on wheels?

Calling All Thrill Seekers!

Ocean City, MD, is your playground for high-octane fun and unforgettable adventures. From the sky to the sea, and everything in between, there’s an adrenaline-pumping experience waiting just for you. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the action, and let Ocean City’s thrilling side sweep you off your feet. Just remember, amidst all the excitement, safety first—gear up, listen to the pros, and you’re all set for the adventure of a lifetime. Ready, set, adventure awaits!