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How do I go about reserving a beach wheelchair?

Submitted by Mary K, Monongahela PA on August 7, 2019
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Beach wheelchairs are also available from the Ocean City Visitors Center in the Convention Center on 40th Street for one to three days of use by advance reservation. Call 410.289.2800 for more information or to get the size of the chair.

PMI rentals rents beach wheelchairs, and they will deliver. These chairs are not self propelled and require someone to push the occupant across the beach. You can call them at 800.320.7469 to find out more including the cost and size of the chair.

You can also access wheelchairs located on the west edge of the beach that are controlled by the beach patrol. They are generally put out Memorial Day weekend and removed around Labor Day.  They are available 10am to 5pm on a first-come-first-serve basis and they need to stay within a block of their location. They are not allowed in the water. They are located at the Inlet Lot, 1st St., 7th St., 27th St., 30th St., 40th St., 48th St., 59th St., 70th St., 81st St., 89th St., 94th St., 107th St., 120th St., 130th St., 139th St., 145th Streets (maybe other places too). Find out more about them here.

Be aware that these beach wheelchairs are large and do not fold up. They require a fairly large vehicle to transport (check with the people you talk to to see if it will fit in your vehicle). The chairs on the beach locations are stored at the west side of the dunes or along the boardwalk. The chairs are also not self propelled, the person in the chair will need someone to push him or her across the beach.

There is also a new business, SandHelper, that offers self-driven electric beach wheelchairs. Find out more about by calling 855.743.5737. 

Here are some photos of a beach wheelchair and SandHelper so you can see what they both look like.

Karl S.

Karl S.

Centreville, VA Answered: August 7, 2019 Insider Since 2010

All the information you need for this question can be found here

Troy F.

Troy F.

Hanover, PA 17331 Answered: August 7, 2019 Insider Since 2008

I just wanted to add that you cannot reserve a beach wheelchair that is located at a beach access area/road..  Use is limited to taking a person on and off the beach.  It should be returned to the stand when not in use. 

Savas K.

Savas K.

Hunt Valley and Ocean City Answered: August 7, 2019 Insider Since 2010
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