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Where can we rent a metal detector in OCMD. Trying to find lost earring. 

Submitted by KEITH R, Perry Hall MD on August 12, 2019
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PMI Rentals may also rent them.  Give them a call at 410-250-1251.

Savas K.

Savas K.

Hunt Valley and Ocean City Answered: August 13, 2019 Insider Since 2010

Sea Shell City (302.539.9366) in nearby Fenwick Island used to sell metal detecting equipment in their museum area (upstairs) and maybe still do so. They may also rent the equipment. Call them at 302.539.9366 or 888.743.5524 for more information.

Ace Hardware at 69th once rented them, and maybe still does. I think they only had one of them available. Call them at 410.524.2300 to find out more and maybe reserve one.

You do not need a license or any permission to metal detect on OC's beaches, but it is prohibited on Assateague.

Karl S.

Karl S.

Centreville, VA Answered: August 12, 2019 Insider Since 2010
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