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We love attending the Sundaes in the Park concerts. This year we will be at the Sept. 1 one, but I also have a short business meeting at 8pm that night. Does the Park have free wi-fi so I can still see the concert and not miss my appointment? 

Submitted by Steve E, Niles OH on August 13, 2019
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I just spoke to the Recreation and parks department, and there is free WiFi available at Northside Park. You need to access it through Google or Facebook. You can find out more here or call them at 410.250.0125.

If you have a Comcast account, you can use the city-wide Comcast service there, but in my experience elsewhere in town, its coverage is not ideal.

If nothing else works, you can walk to the nearby McDonald's or Starbucks, buy some food, and use their WiFi.

Karl S.

Karl S.

Centreville, VA Answered: August 13, 2019 Insider Since 2010

There is a free Comcast hotspot there, if you are a Comcast subscriber.  I highly recommend making sure you can use it before your meeting.

Savas K.

Savas K.

Hunt Valley and Ocean City Answered: August 13, 2019 Insider Since 2010
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