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I'm traveling from Lanham, Maryland. How can I get to Ocean City, Maryland without crossing the Bay Bridge?

Submitted by Janice L, Lanham MD on November 12, 2019
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Hi Janice,

You can do this by going up north and around. But you will add approximately 1.5 and additional tolls.


Michael B.

Michael B.

Warrenville, IL Answered: November 14, 2019 Insider Since 2011

Janice I know the bridge is having ongoing construction right now but in regards to your location I would still consider using th Bay Bridge. You will add a few hours heading north then south to Ocean City.

They do have a shuttle service that will drive you over the bridge in your car if that helps you. The service is called Kent Island Express. Goggle it or call the number for more information at 410-604-0486.

Troy F.

Troy F.

Hanover, PA 17331 Answered: November 13, 2019 Insider Since 2008

It is an easy and direct drive.  You need to take I-95 North past Baltimore to Route 1 South in Delaware. 

General directions are as follows:

Take I95N towards New York

Take I95N to Route 1 S in Delaware; Route 1 is Coastal Highway in Ocean City.

You can use any GPS program for specific roads and turns, just select the route using I95 N.

Keep in mind the tolls.

Savas K.

Savas K.

Hunt Valley and Ocean City Answered: November 12, 2019 Insider Since 2010

You will need to go over the north side of the bay.

Here is the route: From Lanham, take the Washington Beltway to I-95 north. Take I-95 North through Baltimore into Delaware and then take Delaware Route 1 South. Take Delaware Route 1 South to Milford, DE where you get on US Route 113 South. Take 113 South into MD. If you are going to midtown or northern OC, get off 113 onto MD Route 90 East and take it to OC. If you are going to the south end of OC, continue in 113 to to Route 50 East. Both Route 90 East and Route 50 East end in Ocean City.

This route will take about an 60 to 90 minutes longer than the route taking the bay bridge.

Karl S.

Karl S.

Centreville, VA Answered: November 12, 2019 Insider Since 2010
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