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Inshore Thrills: Get Hooked in Ocean City

For those who prefer calmer waters or are mindful of their budget, Ocean City boasts some of the best inshore fishing you can find. Our fleet of head boats and inshore charter vessels expertly navigate the nearshore Atlantic and the tranquil back bays of Ocean City, targeting a rich variety of inshore species. From the elusive flounder to the feisty bluefish, and the sought-after sea bass to the sturdy tautog, the diversity of our catch is unmatched. Whether you're trolling the depths or casting your line in the shallows, Ocean City's inshore waters promise a fishing adventure that's both accessible and abundant.

Surf and Bay Fishing Bliss in Ocean City

Discover the serene joy of inshore fishing in Ocean City, MD, where the gentle waves of the bay and the rhythmic lapping of the ocean meet golden sands. Whether you're casting a line from the tranquil shores of the bay or the vibrant beaches that line the Atlantic, Ocean City offers a fishing experience like no other. Here, families, friends, and solo adventurers gather under the vast open sky, rods in hand, awaiting the gentle tug of the day's catch. From the bountiful flounder in the bay to the spirited bluefish from the beach, every catch tells a story of patience and thrill. Ocean City invites you to be part of this cherished tradition, where every cast brings you closer to nature and the heart of Maryland's coastal charm.

Pier Fishing

OC Fishing Pier

Ocean City, MD, shines as a pier fishing destination, with its piers extending into diverse fishing waters of the Atlantic and bay. These spots are angler favorites, drawing a variety of fish close, thanks to the vibrant underwater ecosystems around the piers. Ideal for both experienced anglers and novices, the city's piers offer stunning views and easy access to tackle shops, ensuring a seamless and scenic fishing experience.

Ocean City Inshore Fishing Spots:

Ocean City Inlet South Jetty:

Nestled at the gateway to the Isle of Wight Bay, the South Jetty offers more than just a scenic view. With a strategic drop-off just beyond its structure, anglers can anticipate an exciting mix of catches including Tautog and Sheepshead, making it a must-visit spot for those looking to reel in something special.

OC Fishing Pier:

Experience the thrill of Atlantic Ocean fishing at Ocean City's OC Fishing Pier, where no license is required! Perfectly located over the beach and near the Inlet Parking Lot, this pier is your gateway to a diverse catch, from Striped Bass to Cobia, in the lively ocean waters. Connected to the fun-filled Jolly Roger Amusement Park, it offers easy access to fishing and crabbing adventures. At the Fishin Shak, find all your essentials from bait to rod rentals, alongside snacks and souvenirs. Whether you're an avid angler or a first-timer, the OC Fishing Pier promises a memorable day of fishing and fun under the sun.

Oceanic Pier:

Positioned just a stone's throw from the South Jetty, the Oceanic Pier serves as a prime spot for accessing the fruitful waters of the inlet. It's a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, equipped with all the essentials for a rewarding day of fishing amidst the beauty of Ocean City.

9th Street Fishing Pier:

The 9th Street Fishing Pier in Ocean City, MD, offers anglers a serene spot to cast their lines, with stunning views of the bay and a friendly atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day of fishing.

Bayfront Boardwalk - "Free Fishing Pier":

The Bayfront Boardwalk in Ocean City, MD, serves as a favorite free fishing spot, where locals and visitors alike can enjoy the tranquility of the bay while casting their lines amidst the scenic backdrop of the city.

Route 90 Bridge:

The shallow waters of Assawoman Bay near the Route 90 Bridge are perfect for wading and boast a rich variety of inshore fish. Below this bustling thoroughfare, join the locals aiming for a bountiful catch of Flounder, Bluefish, and Spot among others, in one of Ocean City's cherished fishing locales.

Northside Park:

Situated at the city's northern tip, Northside Park is a serene escape for anglers looking for a quieter spot. Whether you embark on a charter or simply cast a line from the park's peaceful confines, the bountiful Assawoman Bay awaits with its rich fishing opportunities, away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Inshore Fishing Spots

Ready to cast your line in Ocean City? Hold onto your fishing gear for just a moment, as there are a few important guidelines to keep in mind. Anglers aged 16 and up will need a fishing license, but don't worry—many of our charters and entry-fee fishing piers have you covered.

Keep in mind, our local fish populations are protected by specific regulations, including size and bag limits, and seasonal restrictions to ensure sustainable fishing for years to come. For instance, Tautog take a break from being caught for six weeks starting mid-May, and Black Seabass welcome anglers starting in mid-May. Since these regulations can change, we recommend checking in with Maryland's Department of Natural Resources for the latest in fishing rules and tips. Happy fishing!

Inshore Fishing Charters

Bahia Marina

Bahia Marina also boasts one of the finest offshore charter fishing fleets in Ocean City…

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