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Discover the natural wonders of Ocean City, MD, with our Nature and Wildlife Cruises, including serene sunset excursions. Glide through peaceful bays and venture into the vast Atlantic, where each journey brings you closer to the area's stunning landscapes and ecosystems. Our sunset cruises offer a spellbinding end to your day, with skies ablaze in color. For nature lovers, our bay cruises provide intimate encounters with local wildlife, including the chance to see Assateague Island's famous wild ponies and a myriad of bird species in their natural habitats. Choose a leisurely sail on a classic sailboat or relax on a tiki boat as you connect with the beauty of Ocean City's waterways, all under the guidance of our expert crews who are passionate about sharing the area's natural wonders with you.


Ocean City boasts a lively waterfront dining scene, easily accessible by boat. Hop aboard the Bay Hopper for an OC Foodie Tour, sampling local delights at various stops, or use it as your water taxi to craft your own culinary adventure along the water. It's a delightful way to combine Ocean City's flavors with the fun of getting there by sea.


For those craving an action-packed experience in Ocean City, MD, dive into a variety of thrilling water sports and adventures that promise an unforgettable time. Soar above the waves with parasailing, feel the rush on the OC Rocket speedboat or glide across the water on jet skis. While here, you can tailor your adventure to fit your schedule, with everything from quick excursions to full-day outings, ensuring every moment is packed with excitement and scenic beauty of Ocean City's coastal charm.


For the adventurers who yearn to steer their own course through Ocean City's waters, our range of boat rentals empowers you with the autonomy to navigate the bays and inlets as you wish. Opt for a leisurely pontoon boat, ideal for a relaxed day of fishing, sightseeing, or soaking up the sun and sea breezes. With the freedom to plot your own journey, you can discover secluded spots, glide along the scenic coastline, or drop anchor at Ocean City's beloved sandbar, a prime spot for unwinding and enjoying the company of friends and family. Embrace the opportunity to captain your own day on the water, crafting an experience that perfectly aligns with your desires for adventure and relaxation.


Ocean City, MD, is your go-to destination for an unforgettable day out on the bay with its array of vibrant party boats. These floating festivities offer a unique blend of sun-soaked leisure and lively entertainment, perfect for groups looking to celebrate or simply enjoy a day filled with fun and laughter on the water. Picture yourself sipping cool drinks, exploring hidden coves, diving into the refreshing bay waters, or soaking up the sun. Each boat brings its own flavor of fun, ensuring that your time spent on the bay is nothing short of spectacular, filled with music, merriment, and memories to last a lifetime.

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