Worcester County is home to over 399 species of birds

Birds, with their captivating allure and seemingly effortless mastery of the skies, have long held our fascination. Nowhere is this connection between humans and avian wonders more evident than in the coastal haven of Ocean City, MD.

Blue Herron at Sunset Park catching a fish.  Photo coutesy of Connor Gable on Ebird.org
Photo Caption: Blue Herron at Sunset Park catching a fish.  Photo coutesy of Connor Gable | Ebird.org

Deeply rooted in the fabric of Maryland's culture, birds permeate every aspect of life here, often without us even realizing it. From the meticulous artistry of bird carvers crafting lifelike decoys to the dedicated hunters braving the early morning chill in their quest for waterfowl, the bond between the local culture and the feathered inhabitants above is undeniable. Even our professional sports teams, colleges and local high schools proudly bear the names of these magnificent creatures, with mascots ranging from the Ravens and Orioles to the Shorebirds, Seagulls, Seahawks, Mallards and Eagles. 

Great Horned Owl at Sun Outdoors Ocean City
Photo Caption: Great Horned Owl at Sun Outdoors Ocean City. Photo courtesy of Mark Linardi | Ebird.org

A birdwatching trip to Ocean City offers the opportunity to experience the remarkable diversity of species and their indelible impact on our world. Located along the majestic Atlantic Flyway, our coastal resort town is a sought-after destination for bird watchers seeking extraordinary encounters with avian marvels. Hundreds of unique bird species have found refuge on the Delmarva Peninsula, in this vibrant coastal landscape. 

Ruddy Turnstone at Assateage State Park
Photo caption:  Ruddy Turnstone standing along the shores of Assateague State Park.  Photo courtesy of Matthew Addicks | Ebird.org

As the seasons unfold their magnificent spectacle, Ocean City transforms into a true haven for birding enthusiasts. The air becomes alive with the graceful flight of brown pelicans, the striking allure of American Oystercatchers, the playful antics of Buffleheads, and the regal presence of Blue Herons, to name just a few. This coastal paradise boasts a diverse array of wetlands, meandering creeks, enchanted forests, and barrier islands, forming a captivating tapestry of habitats brimming with abundant food sources. With such irresistible allure, it's no wonder that both resident and migratory birds flock in vast numbers, captivating the hearts of passionate birdwatchers who seek rare sightings and unforgettable encounters in this remarkable seaside town.

Royal Tern in the Inlet
Photo caption:  Royal Tern spotted at the Ocean City, MD Inlet.  Photo courtey of Don Danko | Ebird.org

With pristine shorelines, marshes, and forests, the National Audubon Society designated 4 sites in Worcester County as Important Bird Areas.  These protected sites include Pocomoke-Nassawango, Maryland Coastal Bays, Assateague Island, and Great Cypress Swamp.  

Explore these prime bird watching destinations in Ocean City, MD and Worcester County:

White Ibis in Worcester County, MD
Photo Caption:  White Ibis wandering in the tall grass in Worcester County, Maryland  Photo courtesy of J.B. Churchill | Ebird.org

Whether you choose to embark on a guided tour, chart your own path through this avian wonderland, or simply cast your gaze skyward while strolling along the shore, the exhilarating world of birdwatching in Worcester County promises a captivating experience that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Next time you find yourself in Ocean City, MD, I invite you to slow down, breathe in the salty air, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the birds that grace our coastal paradise. Take a moment to observe their graceful movements, listen to their melodious calls, and capture their essence through your lens. Don't forget to share your birdwatching adventures with us by tagging #ocmd in your photos. 

Happy birdwatching, and remember to let your spirit soar with every sighting!