Ocean City, Maryland is known for its delicious seafood and beachside cuisine. When you visit Ocean City in the fall, you can enjoy some of the following must-have foods. From Old Bay Seasoning to Pumpkin Spice, be sure to check out the local restaurants offering off season specials. 

Coins Soup
Cream of Crabcake Soup from Coin's

Enjoy homemade French Onion Soup as a comforting and warming dish during the fall. The combination of caramelized onions, rich broth, and melted cheese is sure to satisfy your taste buds and warm you up on a chilly day.

When you want to warm up with a comforting and hearty soup in Maryland during the fall, there are a few classic options to consider. One of the most beloved choices is Maryland Crab Soup. This tomato-based soup is filled with vegetables, crab meat, and seasonings. It's a local favorite and a staple from The Original Greene Turtle.

Savoring a bowl of creamy crab soup is a fantastic way to enjoy the flavors of Maryland in the fall. A hearty and creamy soup made with crab meat, cream, and spices. It's perfect for warming up on a cool autumn day. Coin's took it to another level by adding a whole crabcake ontop! 

Many Eastern Shore Locals enjoy a bowl of half & half, which is just that. Half Cream of Crab, Half MD Crab. The perfect combination of savory and spicy. Get yours from Crab Alley and try for yourself.

Fresh Seafood

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Fresh Oyster
Local Raw Oysters

Fall is a great time for oysters in Ocean City. You can have them raw, steamed, or in various other preparations. Local oyster farms and seafood restaurants often host oyster-related events and festivals.  Oysters Well Fleet on Spain Wine Bar Tapas Menu, raw oysters, elegantly presented on a bed of ice and served with two classic accompaniments. Chef's Kiss. 

Nothing is more fresh than Shashimi and Sushi Rolls from Blue Fish. Cooked, Raw, and Vegetarian Rolls sliced into bite-sized pieces and are often served with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger. There are many different types of sushi rolls, each with its own unique combination of ingredients and flavors.

Be sure to enjoy the freshest seafood catches of the day, whether it's rockfish, flounder, or Maryland Blue Crabs. Ocean City is known for its delicious crab cakes, which are often made with generous chunks of crab meat and minimal fillers.  Many restaurants offer daily specials based on what's available.

Coin's Irish Pub offers a Tuesday Night Special "Seafood Frenzy" 25% all Seafood Entrees. 

A Hearty Meal

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Prime Rib Special
Prime Rib at Fager's Island

Steak specials during the fall season can be a real treat, often featuring seasonal ingredients and flavors. Don't forget to make a reservation, as these specials can be in high demand during the fall season. 

Fager's Island offers their annual half priced Prime Rib & Fish dinners. Sunday and Monday nights all Fall and Winter long. 

Their perfected broiling method and seasoning techniques ensure each cut of USDA Prime beef we serve arrives cooked to perfection and sizzling.  As mushrooms are in season in the fall, you might find Ruth's Chris steak specials featuring a side of roasted mushrooms seasoned with fresh thyme and garlic.

Sliced Skirt Steak and Quinoa with house-made Fried Goat Cheese Croutons, Macerated Grape Tomatoes served over Organic Mixed Greens with Roasted Shallot Vinaigrette served at Dry 85, OC . Pair this with a glass of wine on tap and you'll be sure to warm up on a cool fall evening. 

Fall Desserts

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94th Liquid Assets
Ice Cream Sandwich from Liquid Assets

Fall desserts with their warm and comforting flavors can be the perfect way to complete a meal. These fall dessert ideas can be the perfect ending to a seasonal meal, and they're sure to bring warmth and comfort to your taste buds. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just looking to indulge, there's a fall dessert to suit your cravings. 

As pictured, Liquid Assets special ice cream sandwich, 2 sugared doughnuts, Chesapeake Bay Farms God Bless The Queen ice cream, bourbon caramel sea salt sauce is one you can't miss. Do you order to share, or per person!?

Don't let the cold weather deter you from enjoying a scoop of your favorite ice cream. Many people enjoy ice cream year-round, and there are several reasons why it can be a delightful treat even in cooler weather, featuring all the fall flavors. Dumser's Dairyland is your one stop shop for their seasonal flavor of the day or their apple pie a la mode sundae. 


By embracing these seasonal flavors and dishes, you can fully enjoy the spirit of fall and winter and make the most of the unique culinary experiences these seasons offer. Visit Ocean City, MD this Fall to capture all the culinary experiences featuring your favorite dishes.