Ocean City, Maryland, welcomes families to a captivating opportunity to create lasting bonds through the exciting world of fishing. With its lively fishing piers, exciting charter boat adventures, and diverse marine ecosystems, Ocean City, MD is the perfect destination for families in search of thrilling catches and cherished memories on the open waters.

Having called Ocean City, MD home for countless years, I realized there was a unique experience I had yet to embrace - fishing. Recently, my son and I decided to embrace this wonderful experience together. We packed our enthusiasm, some bait, and a big splash of adventure, and off we went on a fishing quest that turned into an unforgettable family memory.

Fishing Fun Under The Route 90 Bridge:

Picture this: a big bridge called Route 90, and under it, there's a friendly bunch of local folks who love fishing just like you! They're all about getting outdoors, connecting with nature, and catching some pretty cool fish like Flounder, Bluefish, and Spot. We were on a mission to find the rockfish – a bit of a mystery fish that even the pros sometimes can't catch. But hey, we gave it our best shot with simple fishing gear and bait.  

We didn't catch the rockfish this time, but we learned something important – patience is key when you're fishing. And having the right bait! Well, that's like having the secret code to fishy fun. Even though the rockfish was a bit shy, we didn't give up. We switched things up and went looking for fresher bait to entice the fish to play with our lines. 

Watch this video of Scott Lennox from Fish In OC catch a bunch of fish under the Route 90 Bridge.

Seeking the Perfect Bait:

To enhance our chances of success, we visited Bahia Marina, a bustling hub of fishing wisdom and camaraderie, located at Fishtails. It's like a treasure chest full of fishing stuff and friendly faces. They've got everything you need for fishing – fishing gear galore, live bait that fish can't resist, and a bunch of tips from the experts. This time, we changed our game plan and picked minnows and squid for our bait. Fresh bait is like candy for fish, and guess what? Squid is like the superstar snack that lots of fish just can't resist. We even got an extra fishing rod to double our chances of reeling in a fish.

Fishing Bait from Bahia Marina

Big Adventure at the Inlet Jetty:

Ocean City, MD Inlet Jetty

Hold on tight, because things are about to get wild! We headed to the Ocean City Inlet Jetty – a place where fishing dreams come true. Imagine boats coming back from awesome off-shore fishing trips, and the waves making the coolest dance moves beneath your boat. Getting used to the boat's moves was like learning a new dance, and we totally rocked it!

The salty air and the sounds of the sea got us pumped up to fish. We threw our fishing lines next to the Jetty's big rocks, and it felt like we were in a fishy disco party with the wind, waves, and all sorts of underwater creatures. 

The area around the jetty had rocky terrain, adding an extra thrill to our adventure. It was like a lively game of fishy tug-of-war, with the fish giving our lines a playful pull and tug. I had my own unique experience with what I'll call "rockfish," where these clever swimmers would snatch our bait and zoom away into their rocky hideouts. This led to a bit of a friendly tussle as we tried to retrieve our lines from the rocks, only to find ourselves waving goodbye to a few hooks and sinkers that got snagged. But hey, you know what they say – it's all part of the underwater dance!  

Fishing trip

We reeled in a bunch of baby sea bass, but had to release them back into the water. Surprisingly, these tiny guys were incredibly strong for their size! And then, there were the toadfish – talk about an interesting bunch. They had this amazing combo of being strong yet squishy, kind of like plushie toys that are all the craze. Hanging out with them gave us some pretty awesome fishy stories to share!

But wait, there's more! As we were busy trying to catch a fish from below, a whole party was happening above us. Pelicans, ospreys, and shorebirds were showing off their awesome flying skills, keeping an eye out for their own fishy feasts. It was like a bird ballet in the sky, and we were front-row spectators.

Journey's End:

As the sun started to say its goodbyes, the sky turned all sorts of beautiful colors – orange, lavender, you name it. Our fishing day was wrapping up, and the ocean breeze and salty air made the perfect backdrop for some storytelling and giggles. Our first fishing trip had come full circle, and we were all smiles. Exploring, trying new things, and sticking together – that's what this fishing adventure was all about.

Ocean City, MD gave us more than just a day of fishing; it gave us a treasure trove of family memories, woven together by nature's wonders, the joy of discovery, and the sea's magical embrace. So, for families searching for an unforgettable adventure where nature and excitement high-five each other, try fishing. May your own fishing journey in Ocean City, MD be just as unforgettable as ours.