Are you ready for some angling adventure? Pack your rods and tackle box, because Ocean City, Maryland is the ultimate destination for serious fishing fun! Get lost in the salty air as you explore this charming coastal destination. Whether you're out for bragging rights at the world’s largest billfish tournament, or just looking to relax on 10 miles of serene beaches - there's something unforgettable waiting for everyone here.

Off-Shore Fishing Fish In OC

Experienced and beginner fishers alike flock to Ocean City year-round in search of the perfect catch! Whether you're looking for a mahi mahi, wahoo or tuna offshore - or hoping to wrestle with some bluefish, sheepshead or tautog inshore – this coastal paradise is teeming with diverse aquatic life just waiting for your line. Charter options are diverse ranging from family friendly ½ day trips to multi-day trips for the hard-core enthusiast, and everything in between. Ocean City also has numerous private charters (6-pack) that offer anglers a more intimate fishing experience.


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White Marling Open Photo courtesy of Delmarva Aerial 360

Fancy casting a line for excitement and some serious cash prizes? From May to October, this destination offers some of the biggest and baddest tournaments in the water-world. With world-renowned tournaments like The White Marlin Open and the Ocean City Tuna Tournament, this seaside spot is a fisherman's honey hole. Catch your next big win at one of these tournaments could pay off handsomely!


Apr 26 - May 5: Captain Steve’s Flounder Tournament

May 31 - June 2:  Battle for The Buckles Tournament

Jun 7-9: 3rd Annual Blues for D.U. Bluefish Tournament
Jun 14-15: 4th Annual Tuna & Tiaras
Jun 21-23: 9th Annual Kid’s-Catch-All Tournament at Indian River Marina
Jun 22-23: 45th Annual OCMC Small Boat Tournament
Jun 22-23 : 6th Annual Fish N Paddle Saltwater Slam

Jul 4: 6th Annual MidAtlantic Cup Blue Marlin Tournament
Jul 5-7:  42ns Annual OCMC Canyon Kick-Off
Jul 12-14: 37th Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament
Jul 20-21: 20th Annual Ocean City Marlin Club Kid’s Classic
Jul 26-28: 11th Annual Big Fish Classic

Aug 2-3: 16th Annual OCMC Franky Pettolina Heels N Reels Tournament
Aug 2-3: 2th Annual Marlins for Mason Tournament
Aug 3: 17th Annual Worcester County Chamber Flounder Tournament
Aug 5-9: 51st Annual White Marlin Open
Aug 15-17: 30th Annual Captain Steve Harman’s Poor Girl’s Open
Aug 19-23: 33rd Annual MidAtlantic Tournament

Sept 8: 19th Annual Bahia Marina Flounder Pounder
Sept 14: 23rd Annual Ocean City Fishing Center Spot Tournament
Sept 27 - 29:  6th Annual Tangier Classic Tournament

Oct 5-6: 8th Annual Ocean City Inshore Classic


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Pier Fishing in Ocean City, MD Photo courtesy of Rachel Smith

Pier fishing is almost a rite of passage for any youngster new to the sport and a great low-cost way to get started. Some of the more common fish caught on Ocean City’s piers include striped bass (known in Maryland as rockfish), bluefish, flounder, croakers, shad and more.

With 7 amazing fishing piers, Ocean City is the perfect destination for anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful day of angling! Some even have bait and tackle shops on-site so you can stock up before casting.

Ocean City, MD Fishing Piers
Oceanic Fishing Pier
Northside Park - “Fish Free” Zone
9th Street Pier
3rd Street Pier - “Fish Free” Zone
Inlet Park
OC Fishing Pier
Roland E. Powell Convention Center


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Surf Fishing in Ocean City, MD Photo courtesy of Chris Stone Photography

Experience the natural beauty of the beach with a fun and calming activity - surf fishing! Listen for crashing waves, watch seabirds soar through the sky, and take in breathtaking tangerine sunsets. Ocean City offers excellent spots for this fun activity but remember not to cast within 50 yards while swimmers or people are on the shore between 10am-5:30pm and if on Assateague Island be sure it’s an unguarded beach outside designated surfing zones.


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Anglers need to purchase a “Bay and Coastal Sport” saltwater fishing license. You can either choose a year-round or 7-day. This license will cover both the Chesapeake Bay and the coastal waters of Ocean City. If you already have a Chesapeake Bay Saltwater license you are good to go!


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Ocean City has some special spots where waterfront fishing is absolutely free (no fishing license required)! All it takes to join in on the fun is a quick, totally gratis "registry"-- and lucky for you, it's really easy. Call 1-855-855-3906 between 7am and 7pm any day of the week. Free Fish Zones include the 3rd Street Pier and Northside Park at 125th Street.

Don't get in a tangle over Maryland's fishing license regulations! Visit the Department of Natural Resources website for information.