Prepare to be mesmerized by the breathtaking wildlife and boundless exploration opportunities in the enchanting Ocean City, MD area. In this curated list, we unveil the Top 10 must-visit destinations that will immerse you in nature's splendor, providing a perfect blend of thrilling adventures and serene moments that will leave you in awe. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or simply seeking a rejuvenating escape, these remarkable places promise an unforgettable experience in this coastal paradise. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Assateague Island National Seashore

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Assateague Island at sunset Photo courtesy of Rod Vamosi | Getty Images
Sunset at Assateague Island with golden reflection on marsh with birds in flight.

Nestled along the Maryland and Virginia coasts, this pristine barrier island offers a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and explorers alike. Get ready to witness the iconic wild horses that roam freely across the sandy dunes and marshlands, creating an enchanting sight that seems straight out of a storybook. As you traverse the scenic trails and pristine beaches, keep an eye out for playful dolphins gracefully leaping through the waves and colorful migratory birds dotting the skies above. Whether you embark on a guided nature tour or opt for a self-guided adventure, Assateague Island promises an unforgettable experience that immerses you in the wonders of nature and unveils the true essence of this captivating region.

Ayers Creek Adventures

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Ayers Creek Adventures Photo courtesy of Ayers Creek Adventures

Discover a tranquil oasis of abundant natural beauty just minutes from Ocean City with Ayers Creek Adventures. This family-owned eco-tour and paddle sports company offers kayak, stand-up paddleboard, and canoe rentals, as well as guided tours, allowing both visitors and locals to immerse themselves in the stunning tidal creeks and back bays. Escape to this hidden gem and experience the perfect blend of adventure, serenity, and environmental consciousness in a truly unforgettable way.

Barn Hill Preserve

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Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware Photo courtesy of Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware

Embark on an unforgettable wildlife journey at Barn Hill Preserve, a haven that houses an impressive collection of over 35 animal species, providing an immersive experience for families seeking to connect with nature. Our mission is to inspire all ages through educational outreach programs and engaging animal interactions. From swimming with otters to feeding sloths and exploring the fascinating kangaroo walkabout, our encounter tours offer a variety of unique experiences that foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for wildlife. Don't miss our special events like "Sippin' with Sloths," "Kangaroo Yoga," "Munchin' with Monkeys," "Kangaroos & Comedy," and more, offering exciting opportunities for the whole family to create lasting memories.

Holly Ridge Farm & Equestrian Center

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Holly Ridge Farm Photo provided by Holly Ridge Farm

Picture yourself riding through a mesmerizing landscape adorned with majestic pines and towering cypress trees, surrounded by the tranquil waters of the Pocomoke River at Holly Ridge Farm. As you explore the premier private wildlife sanctuary, keep your eyes peeled for a remarkable array of woodland creatures, including the graceful bald eagle, elegant deer, playful foxes, and elusive wild turkeys. The breathtaking beauty of this sanctuary will captivate your senses and provide an extraordinary backdrop for your family's unforgettable experience.

For those seeking an exhilarating horseback journey, the Adventure Trail Ride is tailored to thrill seekers aged 12 and up. Certified riding instructors will guide you through the riding adventure, offering instructions in the indoor arena before leading you on a guided trail ride. With a helmet provided and approximately 1.5 hours of exploration, you'll have ample time to immerse yourself in the enchanting wilderness and forge a deeper connection with nature. The harmony of horse and nature creates an experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a renewed sense of awe.

Isle of Wight Nature Park

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Isle of Wight Park Photo courtesy of Capturing Horizons Photography

Escape to the captivating Isle of Wight Nature Park, a scenic 200-acre island just a short 5-minute drive from Ocean City, Maryland. This tidal marshland, dedicated to wildlife management, offers a tranquil retreat for nature lovers. Explore the public recreation area on the southern end, featuring fishing piers, a parking lot, and inviting picnic tables with panoramic views of Ocean City's skyline.

Immerse yourself in the area's rich biodiversity, where a plethora of bird species, including herons, waterfowl, and migratory birds, flourish. Birdwatchers will be enthralled by the vibrant avian spectacle. For outdoor enthusiasts, the island provides fishing and crabbing opportunities from the piers or within the marsh. Launch your kayak or other small watercraft and embark on a serene adventure. With hunting permitted on the northern end (subject to permits and seasons), the Isle of Wight Nature Park offers diverse experiences for all nature enthusiasts, making it an idyllic destination to connect with the natural world and enjoy a peaceful day away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Northside Park

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Sunset at Northside

Discover Northside Park, where natural beauty meets endless family fun. As the sun begins its descent, casting a golden glow over the horizon, Northside Park becomes a haven for sunset enthusiasts. Witness the breathtaking hues painting the sky as you stroll along the pier or relax on a bench, savoring the serenity of the moment.  For those seeking adventure, Northside Park offers excellent fishing opportunities, inviting you to cast your line. As you try your luck, take in the panoramic views of the park's picturesque surroundings, which include vibrant wetlands teeming with wildlife. Birdwatchers will be captivated by the diverse avian residents, as graceful herons glide across the water and playful shorebirds frolic along the coast.

But Northside Park isn't just about serene vistas and nature encounters—it's a place for families to come together and create lasting memories. The outdoor playground provides endless excitement for children, who can climb, swing, and slide to their heart's content, while parents can relax nearby and revel in the joyous laughter filling the air. Whether you're captivated by the stunning sunset, enticed by the thrill of fishing, enchanted by the colorful birdlife, or seeking quality family time at the playground, Northside Park offers an idyllic setting for shared experiences and treasured moments.

Ocean City, MD Beach - 10 Miles of Coastline

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Ocean City, MD 10 Miles of Coastline

Experience the magic of Ocean City, Maryland, where pristine shores stretch for 10 miles, inviting you to indulge in the ultimate coastal getaway. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic symphony of crashing waves against the sandy shore, while the melodic cries of seagulls fill the air. Breathe in the invigorating scent of salt air as you witness the breathtaking spectacle of a radiant sunrise, accompanied by the joyful dance of dolphins playing in the sparkling waters. Ocean City captures the essence of coastal bliss, offering a sensory journey that will leave you rejuvenated and mesmerized by the wonders of the sea.

Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum

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Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum

Dive into a world of wonder at the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum Aquarium, where families can embark on an educational journey to discover the secrets of aquatic life. With a wide range of engaging programs, this museum offers a captivating experience for those eager to learn about the ocean's inhabitants.  Whether it's attending an engaging workshop, participating in captivating feeding demonstrations, or simply immersing yourself in the mesmerizing exhibits, the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum provides an enchanting and educational experience that will leave a lasting impression on the entire family.

Sail Alyosha

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Sail Alyosha

Escape from the ordinary and embark on a remarkable open ocean sailing experience that will take you far away from the bustling world. If you're yearning for a unique adventure, we've got just the thing for you. Our longest sailing excursion offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the vastness of the ocean and witness the land slowly fade away on the horizon.  Departing from our West OC headquarters, we'll set sail straight into the endless blue expanse. This journey isn't just about sailing; it's about embracing the transformative experience of watching the water's colors shift and witnessing the Ocean City skyline vanish from sight. 

So, if you're seeking to escape from it all and truly lose yourself in the vastness of the ocean, this unforgettable sailing adventure is calling your name.  This extraordinary 6-hour+ trip is specially designed for those with sailing experience, previous sailing trips on Alyosha, or the most daring adventurers out there. 

Sun Outdoors Frontier Town

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Sun Outdoors Frontier Town Ropes Course Photo courtesy of Sun Outdoors Frontier Town


Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled family adventure like no other as you weave, climb, and race through our extraordinary high-flying obstacle course. Get ready to push your limits and reach new heights while wearing helmets and harnesses, securely attached to a self-belay system. Traverse swinging bridges, conquer balancing beams, and take on thrilling challenges like tension traverses and vine walks, all designed to provide an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and lifelong memories. Get ready to soar through the air and embrace the thrill of our one-of-a-kind obstacle adventure at Sun Oudoors Frontier Town!