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Ocean City is covered with murals just waiting to be photographed.  If you're looking for a unique way to experience the vibrant culture and history of Ocean City, Maryland, look no further than its stunning murals and vibrant backdrops. These works of art can be found throughout the city, from the boardwalk side streets to restaurant entrance ways, to utility boxes, and each one tells a story about the people, places, and traditions that make Ocean City so special. And if you're an Instagram enthusiast, these destinations also make for some perfect photo opportunities. Here are some Ocean City artistic backdrops you won't want to miss.

"Greetings From Ocean City" Enlarged Postcard

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"Greetings From Ocean City" Enlarged Postcard

The "Greetings From Ocean City" installation on Caroline Street may appear to be a mural at first glance, but it's actually a reproduction of a vintage postcard from our coastal city. The enlarged postcard was installed in 2004 by the OCDC and features the words "Greetings From Ocean City" in bold letters, along with historic images of the city. This installation has become a popular spot for visitors to snap some photos and capture a piece of Ocean City's nostalgic charm.

“OCMD Mural” Painted by Ali Jacobs

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OCMD Mural by Ali Jacobs

At Layton’s Family Restaurant on 15th Street in Ocean City, patrons now have a new and colorful addition to their dining experience. Local artist Ali Jacobs, known for her work throughout the resort, completed an 86-foot long and 13.5-foot tall beach-themed mural on the side of a multi-tenant shopping center on 15th Street in 2021. Diners at Layton's have a front-row view of the mural, which features a fun and vibrant scene of a large marlin, blue crab, starfish, and pelican against a bold and colorful backdrop with "OCMD" emblazoned in chunky white letters. Jacobs used exterior latex and heavy-duty acrylic paint for the mural, which took approximately a week to complete.  Jacobs has left her creative mark on Ocean City with other projects, including murals at Drydock 28, Pit & Pub, the Monte Carlo Hotel, Bourbon Street on the Beach, Tony’s Pizza, Funcade, and more.

Art Outside the Box

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Art Outside The Box on 94th Street
Utility box located outside of the OC Art League on 94th Street

Ocean City has taken a creative approach to the utilitarian necessity of utility boxes by turning them into colorful and creative works of art. These projects have brought together artists of all skill levels, community organizations, and local schools to showcase their talents and add a touch of whimzie to the city's streets. By exploring these artistic gems, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural richness of Ocean City and the creative spirit that drives the city's tourism industry.  Take a leisurely walk through the downtown streets of Ocean City, MD and discover the vibrant art installations that adorn the city. Walking Tour Guide

OC Cruisin Mural Painted by Denny McLeod

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OC Cruisin Mural
Located On Talbot St. off the boardwalk.

There is a classic view of Ocean City on Talbot Street thanks to a facade project and a wall mural painted in 2011. Let your eyes wander over this artistic masterpiece, creating a lasting impression of Ocean City's rich heritage.  In the course of designing the mural, McLeod received a lot of feedback from visitors and even MD law enforcement as to what cars and colors to include.  McLeod said a unique feature is it includes the buildings history because he painted on fake stucco and brick work which actually lies beneath to add to the building classic look.

Blue Fish Restaurant Wave Mural

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Mosaic Wave at Blue Fish Restaurant & Bar
Blue Fish Restaurant is located on 94th St. Coastal Highway

With a mural that captures the essence of Japanese art and culture, the former fast food franchise is now a comfortable choice for sushi and classic Japanese cuisine.  This artistic masterpiece showcases a magnificent depiction of a traditional Japanese wave, gracefully crashing. Vibrant and vivid, the mural also features elegant koi fish swimming amidst the waves, symbolizing good fortune and perseverance.

Everest Carryout Mural

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The Mural at Everest Carryout
This mural is located at Everest Carryout - 105 2nd Street Ocean City, MD

Step into a world of tranquility and serenity, where a captivating mural transports you to the majestic Himalaya mountains. A figure, deep in meditation, graces the scene, emanating an aura of peace and contentment. This blissful imagery mirrors the experience at Everest Carryout, a haven of flavors and smiles.

Rope Walk Mural Painted by Robert Merrell

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Rope Walk Mural created by Robert Merrell
Ropewalk Restaurant on 82nd St. mural painted by Robert Merrell

As you approach Ropewalk in Ocean City, MD, be prepared to be awe-inspired by the vibrant mural gracing the restaurant's exterior. This magnificent artwork not only celebrates the area's fishing heritage but also pays homage to Maryland's rich cultural identity.  This mural proudly displays the iconic Maryland flag among depictions of crabbing and oyster harvesting, symbolizing pride and unity among Marylanders and their love for their local fishermen.  At Ropewalk, savor the finest seafood delicacies while immersing yourself in the authentic flavors and traditions that make Maryland truly exceptional.

Decatur Diner Home of the Pipeline Mural

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Decatur Diner Home of the Pipeline
Decatur Diner is located on 9609 Stephen Decatur Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842 - on your way to Assateague

Prepare to embark on an epic breakfast adventure at Decatur Diner in Ocean City, MD! Feast your eyes on the massive retro diner-style mural that proudly adorns the exterior, capturing the vibrant essence of this iconic eatery. Brace yourself for the legendary "Pipeline" - a five-pound breakfast masterpiece featuring a delectable medley of eggs, home fries, onions, sausage, American cheese, and savory gravy. This colossal creation has become a sensation, delighting locals and visitors alike. As you dig into this mammoth dish, savor the harmonious blend of flavors that will transport your taste buds to breakfast heaven. And if you dare to conquer the entire portion, you'll earn the right to sign a miniature surfboard, a symbol of your triumph over this breakfast behemoth. Get ready to indulge, marvel at the incredible artwork, and create unforgettable memories at Decatur Diner. Your breakfast dreams await!

Oceanfront Boardwalk Landscape Created by Erica DeHart

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Ocean City Landscape Mural by Erica DeHart
Ocean City Landscape Mural by Erica DeHart located at 412 S Baltimore Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842

Step into the vibrant boardwalk of Ocean City, MD with a captivating mural painted by Eric DeHart in 2022. Immerse yourself in the scene as rocking chairs overlook the bustling promenade, filled with people savoring the lively atmosphere. Watch the graceful flight of Skybanners planes against the backdrop, while the iconic Elliott's Hardware sign adds a touch of nostalgia to the air. Experience the essence of Ocean City's vibrant boardwalk and cherish the moments of summer bliss captured in this enchanting artwork.

The Crab Bag Mural painted by Stefan Ways

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The Crab Bag mural by Stefan Ways
Crab Bag mural painted by Stefan Ways is located on 130th St. Ocean City, MD

Step into a crab lover's paradise at The Crab Bag in Ocean City, MD, where a mesmerizing mural created by Stefan Ways in 2014 transports you to the heart of Maryland's culinary heritage. Admire the captivating artwork featuring the iconic Natty Boh man fearlessly riding atop a magnificent blue crab, proclaiming with pride, "From the land of pleasant living." As you indulge in the ultimate crab feast, guided by the wisdom of owner Albert Levy, who declares, "Ocean City is Maryland, and Maryland is crabs," you'll experience the true essence of this coastal paradise. Complement your delectable crab dishes with a refreshing Natty Boh beer, a beloved staple of the region. Immerse yourself in the flavors and traditions that define Ocean City's culinary legacy at The Crab Bag, where every bite is a celebration of Maryland's coastal charm and crab-infused delights.

Sidewalk Cafe Mural Painted by Todd Leasure

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Sidewalk Cafe Mural created by Todd Leasure
Sidewalk Cafe Mural located in downtown Ocean City on Washington Lane, just north of 2nd street.

Transport yourself to a vibrant world where imagination takes the wheel and invites you to join in the carefree camaraderie at the Sidewalk Cafe Mural, adorning the side of a downtown Ocean City building. Created in 2013 through a collaboration between the OCDC, property owner Orazio Puglisi, and the visionary artist Todd Leasure, this masterpiece exudes an irresistible charm. As you sip your coffee and savor a delectable meal, immerse yourself in the mural's lively scenes, beckoning you to strike a pose and join the characters on their joyous journey. Happy Snapping!

Large Funky Wave Mural Created by Ali Jacobs

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Large Funky Wave Mural
Large Funky Wave Mural on 14 Worcester St. Ocean City, MD created by Ali Jacobs.

This mural was inspired by what was once Selfie Fantasy, Ocean City's first immersive photo studio. Housed within the former Ocean City Screams Haunted House, this enchanted space invited visitors to unleash their creativity against an ever-changing backdrop of vibrant rooms. Now closed, their essence still remains on the exterior, as you are greeted by a mesmerizing wave wall mural painted by the talented Ali Jacobs, perfectly representing the essence of Selfie Fantasy.

Sing in the Rain In Ocean City Umbrella Mural

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Umbrella Mural In Ocean City, MD
Umbreall Mural located near Baltimore Avenue/Worcester Street in Ocean City, MD

Discover a whimsical delight on the other side of the large funky wave mural shown above—that beckons you to step underneath the umbrella and embrace its vibrant charm. This captivating artwork, brimming with vivid colors and intricate details, offers a playful respite from the sun or rain. As you find shelter beneath its artistic canopy, let the vibrant hues transport you to a world of imagination and wonder. The mural is in good company, as this particular area has lots of murals nearby.

We invite you to uncover the hidden gems of Ocean City, Maryland, by sharing the lesser-known murals that have yet to grace the lists. While our vibrant city is already adorned with magnificent artworks, we believe there are countless more waiting to be discovered. Do you know of a captivating mural tucked away in a quiet alley or a colorful masterpiece adorning a local business? Share your findings with us and let's unveil the captivating art that may have slipped under the radar. Together, we can showcase the rich tapestry of creativity that thrives in OCMD and celebrate the talented artists who breathe life into our city's walls. Join us in this collective endeavor to expand the canvas of our vibrant community and share the beauty that lies beyond the well-known murals. Your contribution will help others uncover these hidden treasures and create a more inclusive and diverse representation of the art scene in Ocean City, Maryland.